December Wild Art

Edwin Gongora, a gemologist appraiser at Busch Jewelers, took time to add the annual Christmas sparkle to the entrance of the shop on Monday, November 26, 2012. Gongora decorates the Live Oak trees every year, this week he’s just in time for the City Sidewalks parade downtown today. ( I stood on a step ladder to get really really close to that one ornament, it’s not any larger than the others)


Munday WWII Veterans

Joy Lewis/Reporter-News

In October Reporter-News Sports Writer Evan Ren learned about ten WWII Veterans living in Munday, Texas who were fans of the local high school football team. He wrote a beautiful story about the ways these men have made an impact on our world because of their service to our country. It was an honor to [...]

Summer Singles


Members of The United States Army’s Golden Knights Parachute Team (clockwise), Staff Sergeant Richard Sloan, Sergeant First Class Dustin Peregrin, Sergeant First Class J.D. Berentis, Staff Sergeant Brian Karst and Specialist Trey Martin measure wind speed and prepare for their jump from a C-31 Friendship aircraft at 14, 000 on Friday, April 27, 2012 in [...]

Singles Spring 2012


Medical Care Mission volunteers Frances Buzard, left, and Viola Shields pull medical files at the Mission on Thursday, February 9, 2012. Shields, the volunteer coordinator, has given her time to the Mission since 1983 as a volunteer. She manages about 75 volunteers.   Hunters and guides gather up with their bay and catch dogs to [...]

Photo Column #7 Miss Snake Charmer


SWEETWATER — Daddy’s little girl is all grown up. Kayla Chowning, 16, reigns over the rattlesnakes of West Texas as the 2012 Miss Snake Charmer at last weekend’s World’s Largest Rattlesnake Roundup. When she jumped into a holding pit of 300 hissing and quivering rattlers one week ago, she looked over her shoulder at her [...]

A few images


From Fall 2011… Twins Orus, left and Odus Stokes have spent their entire lives side by side in Brownwood. They are 86 years old and have worked at their auto body shop, Stokes Brothers Garage, since 1941. Their shop is located on the corner of Main and West Mayes streets, the brothers are  proud to [...]

Photo Column #6 Nancy Gore


The age-old art of ballet caught on in the United States in the late part of the 19th century. It became popular in West Texas around 1983 when Nancy Gore opened her studio, Ballet Abilene. Gore has taught the graceful dance of ballet to thousands of children over nearly three decades. On Dec. 14, she [...]

Photo Column #5 Misty Garcia


On any given work day, Misty Garcia might jump into a pond full of alligators, grapple a feisty bird or flee an angry hog. Of course, being the veterinarian at the Abilene Zoo, she also might spend the day drudging through paperwork and managerial tasks. Garcia’s work is unpredictable because she, along with the entire [...]

Photo Column #4 Diana Shaffner


George and Diana Shaffner are pleased with their family of 23. The couple love, respect — and spoil — their 12 horses and 9 cats, most of whom were rescued. If it were up to the Shaffners, their 35-acre home, Rising Sun Ranch, would be large enough to sustain countless more animals in need of [...]

Photo Column #3 Ira Miller


Most people think Ira Miller is a perfect picture of health for a woman in her early 70s. They are right about the physical condition, but short on her age by nearly two decades.Miller said she is having as much fun as she did in her youth, but at 88 she does everything a little [...]